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Let's face it...


Our cats are our best friends.  These cuddly creatures see us through our best times and our worst.  They are a part of our family, and a part of us. So when it comes to our loyal companions, we want to know that they have always been cherished as the precious pet that they are.

At Cherished Siberians, each kitten is hand raised in a loving and stimulating environment.  They are kept with their mother for 10 weeks, ensuring the optimal emotional and physical health of each kitten.  I treat each kitten as though they are part of my own family, so that you can be confident when adding them to yours.

Want more information about how we raise our cats?  Check out my FAQ, email or call me at the number below.

Doreene Richmond 


Keep up-to-date on your kitten with photos, video and progress reports on my blog:




Available Kittens


Check my blog, for available kittens.



Available kittens are $2500. each.  See FAQ for more information.

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